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Glass Syringes

Our 1.0 ml - 1000.0 ml capacity glass syringes are made from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, resistant to breakage from shock and sudden temperature changes. The points at which most breakage occurs, the luer lock tip and barrel base, are reinforced to ensure longevity. They are annealed and tested until free of internal strain, to withstand repeated use. The cylinder-plunger fit is leak proof and meets the requirements of Federal Specification GG -S- 921b. Available in universal fit or custom fit design, our custom-fit syringes are uniquely numbered for matching the barrel with the plunger; they are so precise, the plungers cannot be interchanged.

Syringe Carrying Cases,

Each syringe carrying case will hold one syringe with a valve. They contain full insulation pads to protect the sample from damage.

Connectors and Plug Caps,

2-way and 3-way nylon valves, Unvented Female and Male Plug Caps used with all luer lock Glass Syringes.

& Much, Much More...

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